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When it comes to workout classes, you can be spoiled for choice. With so many options, how do you choose the best class for you? We’ve got the low down on the most popular options as the New Year approaches to help you Bring Your A Game and Beat January.


If you can bike, you can spin. Spinning is a group workout class that replicates outdoor cycling on an indoor, stationary bicycle. Spin classes focus on strength, endurance, and intervals with routines designed to simulate various terrains and inclines, just like biking outdoors. One of the biggest advantages of spin class is that everyone can work out at their own pace – participants can adjust the intensity to suit their own physical ability and fitness level. In a typical 60 minute class, you can burn 400-600 calories.


As suggested by the name, Boxercise classes combines boxing techniques with aerobic exercise. Classes include a variety of exercises used by boxers to stay fit, typically involving shadow-boxing, skipping, hitting pads and many more. Don’t worry, as this is a non-combative class, you never actually spar with an opponent! Most classes are aimed at all ages, genders, and fitness abilities, making this a great class for everyone. With Boxercise, you could burn 340-420 calories in an hour.


Zumba is a unique exercise class combining dance and aerobic components for the ultimate dance fitness course. The choreography mixes elements from hip-hop, samba, salsa and martial arts with squats and lunges, and is of course paired with fun, energetic music. There are various classes for different ages and fitness levels, ensuring everyone can find the right class for them. The average 60-minute class allows participant burn anywhere from 500-1000 calories, depending on the intensity you put in.

Circuit Training

Circuit training mixes strength and cardio for a total body workout. Circuit classes frequently rotate a mix of different exercises, with each aiming for a different part of the body. Typical moves can include bench lifts and dips for the upper body, sit ups and crunches for the core, and squat jumps for the lower body. Circuit training is a fast-paced workout, so you won’t have time get bored between moves. In an hour, you could burn around 570 calories.

Body Pump

Body Pump is a weights-based strength class that uses barbells to do resistance exercises. It’s an enjoyable, but demanding workout that is specifically designed to raise your heart rate and work each area of your body. Participants can choose different weights depending on their physical ability and fitness goals, making it a great class for those of all fitness levels. Depending on the intensity of the class, you could burn around 600 calories in an hour.


Namaste! The ancient discipline of yoga incorporates stretches, breathing techniques, and meditation for a wholesome practice that’s good for both body and mind. There are lots of different types of Yoga classes, varying from a gentle Hatha session to the intense heat of Bikram yoga. The amount of calories you will burn depend on the type of class, but yoga is also great for strength, flexibility and general health. Those who practice regularly report increased circulation and energy levels, decreased muscle stiffness, and improved sleeping habits.


Pilates is a physical fitness system renowned for endurance, improving posture and strengthening your core. Classes include postures that emphasize the development a strong core and the improvement of balance and alignment. The moves can easily be adapted for those of all ability levels, making this body conditioning routine ideal for beginners and experienced participants alike. The amount of calories burned will depend on your level, with participants of moderate Pilates classes burning around 200-300 calories.


The TRX suspension system uses your body weight and gravity as resistance. It’s an aerobic workout of ‘super sets’, where exercises are paired with no rest in between. This form of suspension training helps improve strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability all at once. Since the exercise utilizes your own body weight, the workout is appropriate for all ages, shapes, and sizes. It’s also great for muscle toning, and a half hour class could burn between 180 and 266 calories.

So there you have it! Now that you have all the details, you can choose one that’s best for you. We’ve got all the fitness gear you need to start your class online and in-store now. Find your nearest store and Bring Your A Game! #MyAGame

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