Top 5 recipes for winter training

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We have been scouring the web for some of the best recipes around to help you tackle the winter weather head on, from stamina-boosting meals to energy-packed snacks.

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Low-fat turkey burgers

First up, we’re keeping it simple – with a burger. But this is not any old burger. Instead it’s a lean, mean turkey burger, brought to you by Men’s Health. With minimal preparation time and cost, it’s also perfect for anyone in a rush or on a budget.

Dried fruit energy balls

Next is a recipe not just for those in a rush – but on the go. These dried fruit energy balls, from BBC Good Food, are not only quick and easy to prepare, you can take them out on your run and call on them anytime for a much-needed boost.

Winter warming beef chilli

At the other end of the preparation spectrum is a winter warming beef chilli. This is more of an after-run treat and with an eight-hour cooking time, you can pop it in the oven in the morning and have it ready for after your evening run. Packed with protein and fibre and perfect for re-fuelling.

Fare risotto with squash, mushroom and kale

For the more adventurous chef – or the vegetarian runner – try Saritwish’s faro risotto with squash, mushrooms and kale. This recipe is crammed full of flavour and an ideal winter warmer to help you recover from an arduous afternoon run.

Energy-boosting chicken and kale pasta

And finally, back to the simple pleasures of life. This chicken and kale pasta is simple enough for a novice chef to put together and helps burn fat in impressive fashion. Serve this up a couple of hours before heading outdoors and feel the boost as the complex carbohydrates kick in.

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