Why Tameka Small wears the Nike Pro Classic Bra

Why Tameka Small wears the Nike Pro Classic Bra

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My name’s Tameka Small, and I’m one of Nike’s Elevated N+TC trainers.  My background is in Capoeira and Gong Fu, but I also love high energy, dynamic HIIT and calisthenics style training.  As well as N+TC, I also teach indoor cycling, so my workout range is pretty diverse.


I’m currently training in the Nike Pro Classic Bra, which has just enough compression for firm support, without comprising comfort.  Plus, having a soft chest straps makes it comfortable to wear and easy to put on and take off, especially if I have to train a few times in the day.

“I love teaming the bright volt Pro Classic Bra with a super loose fitting tank for a burst of colour.”


Having the right kit is pretty fundamental to me.  Whether I’ve just started or I’m deep into a workout, the last thing I need are any distractions, especially when I’m pushing through the last few grueling reps. My performance is down to how focused I am, so I need fewer distractions and more comfort to keep focused on crushing that workout.

“With the new design of the Nike Pro Classic Bra, the comfort of the soft chest strap is instantly noticeable. I really can feel that I’m supported but not restricted through movement. It’s a really freeing feeling.”


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