TEST – Schools in. Before you wave goodbye to summer and ferry your youngsters back to campus for their first day of term, be sure to check out our back-to-school (or college) checklist. Get your kids ready to school their peers with their latest back-to-school wardrobe revamp. Grab clothing, footwear, and accessories curated by all of their (and your) favourite sportswear brands. Whether you’re looking for mini-me versions of your favourite sneakers for your little ones, browsing for a winter coat for your pre-teen, or searching for university attire to get your teenager set for their first seminar, we’ve got a back-to-school selection engineered to suit all ages.

Choose from practical yet dank, fresh kicks, on-trend backpacks, and the latest sporting gear to take them from playground to classroom or lecture halls to sports court, without the need for a ‘fit change.

Sounds good? Read on to learn more.

Autumn / Winter Coats

With the first term of school also comes Autumn… Meaning winter coat season is well and truly upon us. Before the temp dip hits, check out our curated range of coats and jackets engineered to slot seamlessly into your kid’s daily style rotation. When it comes to Autumn and Winter coats, ahead of style of course comes durability and practicality… When browsing for a winter coat for your child here are things we recommend that you consider:

  • Is it waterproof? It is always best to prepare for both rain and shine, it is impossible to predict what the weather is going to throw at us.
  • Does it have a hood? A hood minimises the need to carry an umbrella and let’s face it, when is it not forecast to rain?
  • Is it durable? Opt for thicker materials that are less likely to wear over time.
  • Consider colours – dark colours are less likely to stain and generally look smarter.
  • How cost effective is it? It goes without saying that a good winter coat is worth investing in but make sure you aren’t paying over and above for a brand name. Check out the best deals and choose a coat that is timeless.
  • We recommend sizing up – kids grow fast and you want to make sure there is room to add extra layers when the sub-zero temperatures hit.

For warmer days, shop our range of lightweight and waterproof jackets and windbreakers, great for unexpected showers and packing with them on school trip days. Prepare for colders days with padded puffer jackets and coats.

Unsure on what brand to opt for?

For the kids… Under Armour innovates with its performance clothing for both children and teenagers. Great for active kids and teens, Under Armour’s range of padded coats and jackets are warm, waterproof, lightweight, and fast drying. The Under Armour Older Kid Puffer Jacket makes for an ideal school (or college coat) for your kids as it is stylish, smart, durable, and most importantly timeless! It comes in pink too, if they are allowed to opt for something outside of a navy, grey, or black colourway (it is always important to check with school uniform policies prior to buying).

For the teens… The Nike Sportswear Therma-FIT Repel Jacket is an update on the favourite Nike layer. Its weather-resistant fabric, recycled polyester insulation fibers, and scuba hood design make it a durable go-to cold weather staple. Available for both men and women, the Repel Jacket is complete with a simplistic design, making it a timeless piece that your teens will wear for years to come… Always a bonus.

School Shoes and Trainers

Trust us, shopping for school sneaks doesn’t have to be boring. Secure your child some quad-approved kicks, that are equally as stylish as they are practical.

First things first, you’ll want to find their size. After all, comfort is absolutely always key. Your kids’ feet are constantly growing and after the Summer months, this is likely the case.

  1. Firstly make sure they are wearing a regular socks. Stand them up tall with their heels against the wall.
  2. Using either a rule or tape measure, measure from their heel to their big toe. Note. Make sure you allow 1cm for them to grow.
  3. Using our sizing chart, identify their size. Note. If one foot is bigger than the other (this is often the case) go with the biggest size!
  4. Once their fresh new sneaks arrive – have them have a little run around the house to ensure they acing both the comfort and style assignments.

Check out our full blog on how to measure your kids’ feet at home here.

Now you’ve got the size down, it’s time to secure your kids (or teens) the perfect pair of kicks.

What to look for when browsing for your kids’ school shoes?

  • Durability is key – ideally, you want your kids’ and teens’ shoes to last at least around six months to a year. Leather or similar fabric is typically more hardwearing and a good option to bear in mind.
  • Your child will most likely be wearing their school shoes or trainers for a full eight hours a day, five days a week so it is important they are comfortable for all-day wearing.
  • Check-in with your child or teen’s school or college uniform policy before purchasing (you will be able to find this on the school website). As a general rule, it is best to keep school shoes plain, white, or black, and free from any distinctive logos.

For the boys or those identifying males why not, keep things slick and smart and opt for an all-black trainer. A Nike Air Huarache or an all-black pair of Vans is a great option, plus they are styles they will want to wear outside of the school grounds too… Always a win.

For the girls or those identifying as female, all-black Adidas Ozweegos or classic Vans are great kicks for combining casual everyday style with a modern tech look.

Something for the university and college students… For those demanding to be on trend, opt for one of TikTok’s favourite shoes – the New Balance 530 or New Balance 327 are great for putting a retro spin on their step. Classic running shoes, New Balance 530 are a great option, as they are super easy to keep clean, simply chuck them on a low spin setting on the washing machine and they are quite literally good as new.

School Uniform Checklist

Now you’ve secured the kicks, it’s time to get their school uniform gear in check.

Uniforms for school children are usually strict and set by the school. In this case, often you will need to follow the school’s guidelines and source the following, from your local supermarket, department store, or school shop:

  • 3-4 polo shirts or blouses
  • 2 jumpers or cardigans
  • 2 pairs of trousers, skirts or pinafores
  • A tie (if required)
  • Socks or tights

All of the above are most likely needed for school students ages 4 – 16. However, often for college students there is a lot more leniency in what they can choose to wear and of course, that’s where we come in…

For the girls… A pair of comfy leggings are a great ‘back to college’ option for your teens. They can style them up with a relaxed sweatshirt or shirt for their lecture, as well as their post class gym workout. Choose from monochrome or pastel colourways. For optimum comfort or working from home days, a slouchy jogger set could be the perfect option. The beauty of a non-uniform is they will get lots of wear out of their clothes on weekends too!

For the boys, a pair of stylish tapered fleece pants will never come in wrong. The Nike Dry Fit pants are a perfect ‘fit option for your college goers, made using a blend of recycled polyester and organic cotton fibres, they are both durable and comfortable, ideal for both college and gym classes. For something a little smarter, Adidas Originals Men’s Rekive Slim Pants are the go-to choice. Both Adidas, Puma, and Nike, to name a few, have a whole host of premium quality t-shirts, fleeces, hoodies, and sweatshirts for your teens to choose from.

PE Kit Checklist

On your marks, get set, go. Get them moving with a brand new PE kit. Choose from gym trainers, slick after-school footy boots, and supreme sportswear gear tailored to the path, gym, or track.

Most school and college PE classes are generically a mix bag of training, running and sports, so we recommend opting for a PE kit that suits most. Selecting sportswear that is tailored to running will most commonly suit all types of sports.

  • Running shorts – opt for a woven fabric, which is quick drying and durable. For the juniors, Adidas Woven Run Shorts are a solid option for season-to-season wear. For the teens, we have plenty of mens and womens shorts by all of your teens’ favourite sportswear brands, including: Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, Puma, New Balance, Champion, and more.
  • Sports pants or leggings – for winter months in particular you will need to invest in some warmer PE kit options, especially if your kids are going to be participating in outdoor sports. Under Armour is one of our favourites for providing sleek sports gear at reasonable prices. Pick up a pair of their heatgear leggings or tapered pants.
  • Running t-shirt or vest – Nike, Under Armour and Adidas all offer a range of moisture absorbing t-shirts and vests for both boys and girls. Due to its breathable design and durable fabric, sports tops are often long-lasting even after repeated washing.
  • Half zip top/sweatshirt/windsheild – for the colder months it will definitely be worth investing in an extra layer for your youngsters if they are going to be doing outdoor sports and activities. A running half zip is a great option to keep them looking smart and continuing to bring their A game in colder months. Nike has a whole host of unisex styles for you to check out.
  • Socks – now it may sound obvious but socks are the most commonly forgotten PE kit item, grab a couple of pairs of performance socks to help your child prevent any blisters that may occur from sports.
  • Swimming kit – this one could be optional as not all schools, universities, and colleges have a local swimming pool or swimming lanes on site. We have plenty of swimming essentials for both boys and girls should you need them, however.

Of course, you can’t forget the gym trainers…

Most schools generally have a fairly relaxed attitude when it comes to gym trainers, but it is important to still check with school guidelines before purchasing any, to avoid any expensive mistakes.

We recommend opting for a pair of lightweight running shoes. Running shoes are an all-rounder, ensuring comfort in every stride and game. Choose from brands such as Nike, Asics, Under Armour, Adidas, and more, to help your kids run just that little bit faster.

Top tip. Keep an eye out on our sportswear sale section, you can often pick up some timeless bargains!

Other Back-to-School Supplies

Let’s face it, there really was no better feeling than putting your new stationary into your brand-new backpack for the first day back to school. Help them achieve that back-to-school feeling with our range of school and college essentials.

Back to the classroom also means back to carrying books to and from the school gates, get your kids prepared with a new practical backpack to make carrying their essentials less of a chore. Choose from Jansport, Nike, Champion, Vans, Adidas, and more. Ensure you consider the size, it will need to fit in all of their school essentials.

Hydration is key for achieving optimum results both in class, in the gym, and always. Save money on bottled water and instead invest in a reusable water bottle.

It’s getting cold(ish) out or at least it will be in the coming weeks… Get your youngsters prepared for the temp plummet with knitted beanies, scarfs, and gloves.

In case we have forgotten any of the essentials, browse through our full range accessories here.

Now you’ve made it to the end of this article, you’re probably feeling a lot more prepared for the big ‘back to school’ debut. Whatever uniform choices both you and your kids have made are guaranteed to have supplied them with extra spring in their step for heading back to the school yard or campus this term (all thanks to their new kicks of course).

Check out our full back-to-school range here.

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