Meet Nike Master Trainer Joslyn Thompson Rule

Meet Nike Master Trainer Joslyn Thompson Rule

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Nike Master Trainer Joslyn Thompson Rule is a stickler for good form and is dedicated to helping women achieve their goals in fitness and in life.


Joslyn Thompson Rule knows a thing or two about motivation. An economics degree from Trinity College, Dublin; fluent in Japanese after a year spent teaching English in Japan, founder of – all before she became a Nike Master Trainer. It’s no coincidence that fitness has been a constant.

Training is very much a part of my identity. You can only ever feel better from exercise – you have more energy, you feel stronger and perform better in whatever it is that you’re doing.”

It was her outlook that attracted Nike to her, via her blog, and it’s this, too, with which she inspires the international Nike Training Club community.


So where did it all start? She danced through her childhood into her teens, rowed for her university and realised, when coaching the novices, that she had an aptitude for training and didn’t fancy using her economics degree for a career in banking. She’s been a personal trainer and sports therapist for twelve years and a Nike Master Trainer since 2010.

 Strength and form are the cornerstones of her Nike Training Club workouts and classes and she encourages women to not be afraid to build their physical strength. Why? Because, she explains, “if you’re strong, with muscle mass, it has a positive effect on all the other health markers.” For those who don’t yet know the importance of strength training, she sees it as her job to educate them.

“It’s important to teach girls that they won’t turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger if they pick up a dumbbell!”

A self-confessed stickler for form, maybe a hangover from her dancing days, she teaches its importance to both her attendees of her classes and the trainers that she now teaches globally, and prefers if the women taking her class,“do one push-up with good form rather than four with poor form.”

She explains that it’s a simple case of doing exercise with better technique because you get more out of it. In addition to building muscle, it’s about functional strength: retraining your muscles to support your body in the right way.

“If you sit at desks all day long the muscles in your back get weaker – the right exercise can build them back up.”


So what does a Thompson Rule workout look like? “In Nike Training Club, we have something called ‘Six Core Moves’, which includes a pull, a push, a lunge, a squat, a bend and a rotate. It’s the basis of all training. I incorporate something from each area in my workouts. Initially they might be very basic versions of those moves and once they’ve mastered the form, I’ll make it more dynamic.”

So that she keeps inspiring women, Thompson Rule leads by example, pushing herself physically, competing in CrossFit, constantly reading and continuing to learn. She trains six times a week and her regime includes weightlifting (squats/deadlifts/presses), gymnastics and cardio.

She’s keen to explain that she’s not superhuman, that she has off days like everyone, and emphasizes that she rests one day a week because it’s important to let you body recover.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as Nike Master Trainer Joslyn will be sharing some great training tips, nutritional advice and workout recommendations exclusively on our blog to help you stay motivated throughout February and beyond.


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