For The Love Of Running

Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or just lace up for a casual 5km jog, there’s a unique joy in pounding the pavement or hitting the trails. To celebrate For the Love of Running, we talked with everyday runners who have their own reasons for running.

Meet Jordan: Born with Speed

Jordan’s story is one of natural talent. He claims he was “born with speed” and credits his parents for it. Initially, he turned to GAA to shed some childhood weight, but it was his pace on the field that made him stand out. As a corner forward, he’d sprint up and down the sideline, catching everyone’s attention.

Jordan was encouraged to join Metro St. Brigid’s running club, where he’s remained a member since. In his first competition at Leinster, he won, despite his initial fear of coming in last. 

Meet Triona: The Young Trailblazer

Triona’s running story began at six when her dad said she started running and never stopped! Triona’s boundless energy found its outlet in running. Soon, they decided it was time for her to join a running club, and she’s been a proud member of Raheny Shamrock Athletics Club since age seven.

For Triona, it’s all about road runs and 5km races. She’s living proof that running can be a lifelong passion, starting at a young age. 

Meet Cillian: The Accidental Runner

Cillian’s journey into the world of running began by accident. A school teacher encouraged him to register for a cross-country race, and to everyone’s surprise, he won it. Little did he know that this race would start his love of running. For Cillian, running isn’t just about setting records or chasing personal bests; it’s a form of mindfulness and being present.

Every week, Cillian embarks on a long-distance run with Raheny Shamrocks Athletics Club, not to compete but to find solace and clarity. He’s a true believer in the power of running to clear the mind and connect with the world around us.

So, what do these everyday runners have in common? They run for the sheer love of it. They run to clear their minds, to challenge themselves, and to celebrate the joy of movement. Running isn’t just about competition; it’s about finding your rhythm and embracing it.

At Life Style Sports, we celebrate the passion and dedication of runners like Cillian, Triona, and Jordan. Our mission is to provide you with the gear and support you need to run For The Love Of It. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, we’ve got your back.

Start your running journey today, and who knows, maybe you’ll find your own reason to run For The Love Of It.

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