Perfect Push Up

Get ready to bring your A Game and perfect your push up technique! Push-ups are a full body exercise, great for increasing strength and engaging the core. Here are steps to completing the perfect push up:

1. Get into the perfect push up position: Plant your hands on the ground, directly under your shoulders. Stabilize lower half by grounding your toes into the floor, and flatten your back so your whole body is straight.

2. Lower your body: Keep your back flat and body straight, and slowly lower your body until your chest just barely touches the floor. Ensure your elbows stay close to your body – don’t bend them outwards.

3. Push yourself back up: Exhale as you push yourself back up, keeping your core tight. Repeat these steps for 3 sets of about 10 to 12 reps. This routine is sure to work your chest, triceps, and core.

Check out these steps in action with personal trainer Philip Kennedy of FlyeFit Gyms:

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