Everything You Need To Know About adidas Originals Gazelle

A true icon in the trainer game, the adidas Originals Gazelle has stood the test of time to effortlessly transcend fashion trends and become a timeless symbol of style and street culture.

The History of Gazelle

The adidas Originals Gazelle has an incredible history that dates back to ’68 when it first burst onto the scene. Originally designed as a training shoe, it drew inspiration from earlier adidas styles like the Super Gazelle and the Olympic. It featured a low-profile design inspired by track shoes with plenty of support and cushioning to keep you comfortable. With its sleek design, signature suede upper, and distinctive three-stripes branding, the Gazelle quickly became a favourite among sports stars and fashion icons.

As the years went by, the adidas Gazelle underwent subtle changes, adapting to the demands of sneaker culture. In the ’70s, the first major update to the Gazelle’s happened, updating the sole with a textured tread pattern for improved traction and grip.

In the 1980s, artists like Run-D.M.C. and Beastie Boys embraced the Gazelle as an essential part of their street style, further adding to its cultural significance. During this era, the Gazelle also saw the introduction of vibrant colourways and collaborations that solidified its place as a streetwear staple.

In the ’00s, the adidas Gazelle experienced a well-deserved revival, capturing the hearts of a new generation. Its timeless design and effortless versatility made it a must-have for fashion enthusiasts looking to blend retro and contemporary styles. The Gazelle’s comeback was met with enthusiasm, as sneakerheads embraced its classic look and recognised its cultural impact.

Today, the adidas Originals Gazelle continues to be a fashion icon, effortlessly blending into various subcultures and styles. Whether you’re a vintage lover, a streetwear enthusiast, or someone who appreciates a touch of nostalgia, the Gazelle has something to offer. Its ability to adapt to the ever-changing fashion landscape while maintaining those distinctive retro details keeps it a timeless classic.

adidas Originals: Club Originals

The Most Iconic Gazelle Moments and Collaborations

You can’t think of Gazelle without acknowledging its association with footballer and style icon David Beckham. The ex-Manchester United and England national team midfielder frequently sported Gazelles off the pitch, increasing their popularity in football and fashion culture. Beckham’s endorsement created a strong connection between the Gazelle and the world of sports, capturing the attention of fans across the globe.

adidas Originals has collaborated with various brands, artists, and designers, resulting in limited drops and sought-after Gazelles. One notable collaboration that captured the hearts of sneakerheads was the partnership between adidas Originals and Palace Skateboards. Their collaboration brought a fresh twist to the Gazelle, infusing it with skateboarding-inspired aesthetics and vibrant colourways. These limited-edition Gazelles quickly became a must-have for skaters and fashion icons.

Another collaboration with Japanese streetwear brand Neighborhood gave us a new line of Gazelles with distinctive details like high-end materials and bold graphics. These special editions perfectly blended Gazelle’s timeless appeal with the contemporary urban streetwear scene, making them highly sought-after pieces.

And it doesn’t stop there with limited-edition Gazelles. The Gazelle Super x HVW8 collaboration took inspiration from the art world and featured custom artwork from celebrated artists like Jean AndrĂ©, Kevin Lyons, and Geoff McFetridge. These Gazelles showcased unique colour palettes and exclusive illustrations, instantly becoming prized possessions for art enthusiasts and sneakerheads alike.

Whether it’s the Gazelle’s association with influential figures, groundbreaking collaborations, or status as a collector’s item, this iconic trainer continues to captivate generations and reinvent itself. Its timeless appeal and versatility make it a staple in any wardrobe, allowing individuals to express their unique style and embrace the history behind the footwear icon.

How To Style Gazelles

adidas Originals Gazelle are so versatile they’ve got you covered whether you’re styling sporty, casual looks or making major waves at formal events. 

When it’s casual vibes you’re after, pair your Gazelles with an effortless co-ord. This combo serves up major comfort and style points, perfect for running errands or chilling with the squad. 

For more formal events, style those Gazelles with tailored pieces. Try pairing your trainers with tailored trousers, a crisp button-down shirt, and a fitted blazer. This mix adds a modern twist for semi-formal hangouts or a night in town. 

Our favourite thing about the Gazelle is its effortless ability to adapt to any trend. Whether going sporty, embracing classic streetwear, or staying ahead with trend-forward looks, these trainers have your back.

The adidas Gazelle has positioned itself as a timeless fashion icon, effortlessly transcending trends and becoming synonymous with style and street culture. From its origins in the late ’60s to its modern-day resurgence, the Gazelle has consistently adapted to the changing fashion landscape while maintaining its distinctive retro charm.

The adidas Gazelle remains a cultural icon. Whether you’re a fan of vintage aesthetics, a streetwear enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates timeless fashion, the adidas Gazelle is a must-have staple in your footwear rotation.

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