Best Winter Coats for Kids

Best Winter Coats for Kids

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If there’s one thing every kid needs this season, it’s a warm winter coat.

Sweatshirts and hoodies aren’t going to cut it anymore, it’s all about the coats now. Temps are already falling below zero, and winter is just getting started. Get ready to face the elements with our range of winter coats for kids. We’ve got warm, water-proof, stylish coats to keep kids warm, dry and comfortable all winter long. Ready to bundle up? Here’s what to look for when choosing a winter coat for kids:

Winter Coats for Boys

This season’s range of boys winter coats come in classic, athletic styles that will never go out of fashion. Navy blue, grey and black are longtime favourites since they match with almost anything. Brands like Nike, Columbia and adidas are topping the charts with their sports and outdoor heritage.

nike kids winter coat

Fleece Coats

Fleece is one of the best materials for lining a kids coat. It’s lightweight, cosy and feels ultra-soft against the skin. In the past it’s been popular to pair a fleece pullover with a soft-shell jacket, but nowadays you can get them all in one. Fleece-lined jackets are excellent at trapping heat, and many have a smooth, durable exterior for a clean look.

navy and black kids winter coats

Waterproof Coats

When you think of a waterproof jacket, the first thing that comes to mind is usually a heavy yellow rain coat. Thankfully those days are gone, and water-resistant jackets are much more stylish and lightweight. Water-repellent coatings are a life-saver here in Ireland where rain can hit at any time. They help the rain slide right off while staying breathable and non-restrictive.

Winter Coats for Girls

The most popular winter coats for girls this season are bold, colourful and sure to stand out. The same sportswear brands like Nike and Columbia are owning it right now with their most iconic styles getting fun, colourful upgrades. This season it’s all about making a statement with your #OOTD!

girls purple padded winter coat

Hooded Coats

At the very least, look for a jacket with a high collar to keep your neck warm. What’s even better is a hooded jacket to keep you covered from the wind, rain and cold. Many hoods are lined for even more warmth, and most are adjustable so you can cinch in the fit. These are perfect for days when you’ve found yourself in the rain without an umbrella!

girls waterproof winter coat

Padded Coats

There’s nothing that beats the chill like a puffy padded coat. Both down fill and synthetic insulation are warm and lightweight, and either option can be packed away easily. Some kids padded coats are water-resistant too, making them even more versatile for changing weather. They come back into fashion year after year, so you’re sure to get plenty of wear out of them.

Embrace the elements in style with winter coats for kids online now.


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