Why Becs Gentry wears the Nike Pro Rival Bra

Why Becs Gentry wears the Nike Pro Rival Bra

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I’m Becs Gentry, Nike+ Run Club Coach in London. I lead the Home Run from our flagship NikeTown store every Thursday at 6:34pm.


I wear the Nike Pro Rival Bra because it is a sports bra that has been specifically designed for High Intensity training, so it supports any kind of running activity. Whether I’m on the treadmill or track doing a Speed Run, or running super long distance ultra marathon races, the Nike Pro Rival bra supports me. The racer back and the elasticated band is so comfortable, and the design and material of the bra allow me to move freely without pressure on my back. If I combine HIIT strength training with the treadmill, I’m always moving naturally with great support and no distractions. The dri fit fabric keeps me cool and dry, and the holes in the cups lets my skin breathe and feels great.

“I love to pair my Nike bra with my pro running shorts to keep a great balance of femininity in my workout wear. It also looks great under new lifestyle tanks!” 

I love that it’s super high support without an underwire or clasps – the smooth soft feel of the bra is so minimal in many ways. The elegant look of the bra is beautiful, so it’s something you can actually wear all day before going to the gym under day clothes.


Having no distractions with uncomfortable clothing during training is of paramount importance to me. Nothing can ruin a session quicker than an ill fitting bra. In the past I struggled with bras which were too tight around the chest or put too much pressure on my shoulders. This would mean I sometimes avoided certain moves and often would cut a run short as my upper back was sore unexpectedly.

The Pro Rival feels like I have nothing on, it’s so comfortable and wearable all day long.


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