adidas POD-S3.1: The Past Meets The Future

Introducing the POD-S3.1 –  the latest drop from the adidas archives.

What is the adidas Originals POD?

The POD-S3.1 are the latest trainers from adidas Originals. They feature an all-new Podular sole design, which takes inspiration from the OG adidas Pod trainers from the 90s. The new POD trainer combines classic design cues with comfortable boost cushioning. Endorsed by celebs like Pharrell, these kicks are simply a must-have in your rotation. Got time? Keep reading to get the low down.

The Podular system

Let’s start with POD-S3.1’s core technology – the ‘Point of Deflection’ system. The design was picked up from the original POD blueprints found in the adidas archives. To create these trainers, the designers at adidas tried of every combination possible of every sole material they could get their hands on. We’ve got some of the early POD designs here so you can see where the final product came from. The result? The iconic, innovative POD-S3.1 sole.

adidas POD early design mock up
Credit: Hypebeast/adidas
adidas POD S3.1 early design mock up
Credit: Hypebeast/adidas


The large BOOST heel in the POD-S3.1 gives that on-trend, chunky shape along with the incredible BOOST comfort we’ve come to expect from adidas. The Podular design includes a torsion-like ‘Point of Deflection bridge’ to which joins the foam forefoot to the Boost heel. This let designers incorporate different sole materials which help support the natural twist and curve of the foot.

“Great on its own but together it takes you somewhere else”

  •    – Nic Galway, adidas SVP of Global Design

adidas POD

Are the adidas POD’s Comfortable?

Let’s have a look at the overall wearability of the POD-S3.1. We’re breaking this down into style and comfort – the two biggest things you need to know before copping a pair!


These trainers definitely score style points, combining a bold, chunky cut with the latest sneaker technology. At first glance they could be mistaken for a performance shoe, but this is definitely not the case. Similar to the iconic adidas NMD’s or Swift Runs, the POD also takes design elements from traditional running shoes. This comes as no surprise as the athletic look has always dominated street style. The POD breathes new life into the chunky athletic shoe trend with a look that stands out from the rest.


Are POD trainers comfortable? If you haven’t already guessed, the comfort features are next level. The innovative sole design maximizes flexibility and comfort, hands down. The BOOST does exactly what it does best – cushions every step. Combined with the Podular system, the shoe offers a unique floating feeling that we’re completely buzzing over.

black adidas POD

The innovation behind this trainer is something all sneakerheads can appreciate. Undeniable adidas heritage combined with the latest and greatest technology has created an epic new trainer. The adidas POD is sure to stand out in the street and urban fashion scene – you definitely don’t want to miss out!

These trainers have come so far from their first design mock ups. Check out this short adidas documentary that shows how adidas designers brought the POD-S3.1 to life.


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