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We prefer life in colour. Do you?

First debuting in the 1970’s, the adidas Originals adicolor Collection became an instant sportswear hit. Today, the iconic range is back to brighten up your wardrobe with fun, playful colours. The latest looks feature all the primary colours – Red, Yellow, Green and Blue – to slay all day in statement style. Check out each colour and get ready to pick your own:


Red is hard to ignore. It’s always moving forward, unless you see it on a stop sign. It’s intense, it’s dangerous, it’s passionate. It’s the lipstick you reach for when you want to look a little extra. It’s a lush bouquet of roses from bae. It’s full of energy, emotion, and yet it’s still timeless.

Paint the town red with the 3-Stripes T-Shirt. This classic tee has been a red hot style since 1973,  with signature 3 stripes and a small Trefoil for a heritage look. This style started as a sportswear staple, and is now a streetwear icon that stands out from the crowd.


Hello, Sunshine! Yellow seems mellow, but it’s also spontaneous. It’s bright, it’s cheerful, and demands attention. It’s the classic raincoat and wellies that brighten up rainy days. Think yellow pencils to jot down a thought, or yellow taxis to take you and the girls to town. Whenever you need it, yellow is there.

Brighten up your day with the adidas Originals Stadium Jacket. This full zip reminds us of retro rain coats and wellies, with a throwback look that’s ready for the streets. The sunshine yellow colourway is complemented by contrast 3 Stripes and a subtle Trefoil for sporty style.


Green is the colour of nature, found on fresh grass, tall trees, and lucky 4-leaf clovers. Green is full of ambition, symbolizing health, wealth and stability. No wonder it’s a popular colour for bank notes. Green is exciting, and all about renewal. It’s always growing, but never grows old.

Your squad will be green with envy when they see you in this adidas Originals Dress. This green dress takes design cues from the 70’s, combining archival details with a feminine silhouette for a look that’s sure to turn heads. Finished with contrast sleeves and 3-Stripes for a sporty touch.


Blue is fresh and full of feeling. The lighter the shade, the stronger the emotion. Blue represents peace and tranquility, perfect when you just want to chill. It’s the sea and the sky on a beach holiday, or the blue umbrella in your well-deserved cocktail. It’s cool, and it makes you look cool.

Say goodbye to January Blues and treat yourself to these Superstar Track Pants. Inspired by vintage adidas Track Suits, these bottoms give the classic pants a modern spin. Topped off with pintuck details, contrast 3 Stripes and a small Trefoil logo on the upper left leg.

Ready to choose your colour? Red Hot? Mellow Yellow? Lime Green? Blue Moon? Whatever you choose, we’ve got the bold, iconic styles to make your look stand out from the crowd.

Shop the adidas Originals adicolour Collection at Women’s Studio now.


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