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The people have spoken (and they’re right!)…there’s one thing better than winning The 6 Nations, and that’s beating England on their home turf on Paddy’s day. We get giddy even thinkin’ about it – so we’ve decided to give away the ultimate VIP fan experience!

On the day that everyone claims to be Irish, but few are lucky enough to be (#ProudlyIrishOwned), we want one lucky person and their mates to fly the flag for Ireland at the biggest game of the tournament, VIP style…

One lucky person and 3 mates will watch Ireland take down England in Twickenham on Paddy’s day. We’re talkin’ tickets, exclusive gear, lots of surprises along the way and wait for it… A PRIVATE JET! Yes, you read right – a private jet! Best. Prize. Ever.

All you have to do now is think about is who you’ll bring with you!

To be in with a chance to win this money-can’t-buy prize, all you have to do is purchase any 2018 Six Nations jersey online or instore from now until March 9th 2018 to start your competition entry. Terms and Conditions apply.

All purchases made between the competition entry dates will be included in the competition. If you purchase a jersey online, you will automatically be entered – you will just need to complete a tie breaker to confirm your entry, which will be emailed to you up to 7 days later.

If you purchase a jersey in store, you will need to opt in to receive an email receipt in order to enter. You will then need to complete the same tie breaker when it is emailed to you up to 7 days later.

Don’t forget to check your email subscription preferences, otherwise you won’t receive an email with the tiebreaker!

We’ve included quick links to each jersey that is part of the competition below to make it easy for you!


Go n-éiri an t-ádh leat!


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Let's make it count #suaf

Mary Finn says:

Ooooh yes please 😍😍😍

Michael FErncombe says:

Come on Ireland 👍🐸

Emer flood says:

My husdqnd would love this id Much rathwr be ignored at the match with a drink in hand for 90 mins 😂

Trevor jones says:

Come on ireland
Make it a paddy’s day
to rememver forever

Barry Rea says:

St Patrick was English and we took him as irish lets take twickeNham as ours too #themarchofthegreenarmy

Gavan sweeney says:

What a prize well done lifestyle


Come on Ireland …🤔😍

Daniel bradley says:

Your country is supporting you all 110 percent.

Kieran Laverty says:

Do I need to say more Jesus BUNdee aki

Jason says:

For home And heart lets beat them 💯

Amanda clancy says:

Come on you boys in green. Lets knock them off of their chariots.

Nicola conway says:

What a way to spend Paddys day..!!! Ciaran conway

Annmarie Neary says:

Shut the front door, I'll buy ye all a pint if I win, who could say no to that????
Amaze ball (rugby ball) prize.
Right that's me having my say.

Gary Byrne says:

Come the day (I win)
Come The hour (compititon deadline)
Come the power (picking me)
And the glory (if I win)
IL have come to answer my country's call (on a private jet)
From the 4 proud provence of ireland (🇮🇪)
Ireland (🇮🇪)
Ireland (🇮🇪)
Together standing strong (💪)
Shoulder (with my mates)
To shoulder (with my mates)
We'll answer Irelands call (🤙)
We'll answer Irelands call (🤙)

Edward CaNavan says:

Great prize. Would love to be there to ein the grand slam on paddys weekend

Emma beglin says:

If you believe it, we can achieve it, keep the faith!

Ciaran Dowd says:

Coybig I can smell grand slam this year

Claire says:

The green mean rugby team are here to dominate

Ursula o connor says:

Paddy day…. Irish passion….. country pride…. and our Biys in green. What better day to show the WORLD what were made of…. come on boys and bring home the win for the six nations grand slam on the one day the whole world wants to be irish ☘🇨🇮💖

Hannah mcgrath says:

What a prize to win 🍀🍀 would love to see the lads in action 🍀🍀🍀

Anthony flanagan says:

TIme for the irish sLaM! #paddysday #twickenham2018

Helena Connaughton says:

Leaving on a Jet Plane……..Come on Ireland!!

Emma DOWLING says:

Let's do this come on IRELAND ❣❣❣🤞🤞

Emma DOWLING says:

Come on IRELAND ❣❣

Laura listo says:

come on Ireland! we can do this🇨🇮🇨🇮

Gerard Maxence says:

Hi, i would like to watch the ireland rugby team Because it’s a dream for me since i am 8 years old. ThaNk’s to you

Bruce Pearson says:

Being from America, you don't hear much about international rugby tournaments, but I got quite an education when I worked and played for various rugby clubs in the Arabian Gulf. As a member of a British run rugby club in Doha, Qatar, I first found about this wonderful annual tournament occurring two months of the year. Since then, I've availed myself of many opportunities to see this great sporting event on TV. However, I've never attended this event live and have always dreamed of attending a live match.

Eveina moore says:

Shoulder to shoulder….
head to head…
Fight and be fierce
6 nations 1 Ireland

Mariae duggan says:

Ireland, Ireland together standing tall, I'd love to win this prize please 🏈🍀

Maura Muir says:

Come on Ireland -The boys in green a mighty team and i WOULD love to be there to see them win. 🍀

stephen butler says:

we are gonna prove eddie JONES right. we are the best TEAM in the six nations.

Michael O DRISCOLL says:

Lets Do this lads!!

Frank says:

Come on Ireland 👍. What a great prize. The bags are packed ready to go👌

John Corkery says:

Come on Ireland

Jude o sullivan says:

We live in france, so hard to get to matches and meet friends and family. The first person on my list would be My dad. Trip of a lifetime. A family reunion.

harry hackett says:

what a once in the world chance great orize congrats to all hh. coybig

Sean Durcan says:

Come on six nations… come on Ireland

PaDraic McCormack says:

Trip of a lifetime,What a way to Surprise my best mate for his 40th birthday with ireland winning the 6 nations in Twickenham courtesy of Lifestyle Sports…you know it makes sense!!!!ive The bag packed and ready to Go….even the travel scrabble 😎

VIctoria mccarthy says:

In england, but cant wait to see the irIsh aNnihILate the english!!!

Sharon says:

Ive made a purchase of an irish jersey using the link in the article but no furTher info on how to enter

Megan says:

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for purchasing a jersey to enter the competition! If you've not received it already, you will be sent an email "tiebreaker" to complete your entry. If you've not seen the email, please let us know and also check your subscription preferences in the My Account section on site, otherwise you won’t receive an email with the tiebreaker.

Hope this helps – please let us know if you have any more questions.


Life Style Sports Team
1890 989 938